Transcription: Some Elements (Evan LE NY)

I like SpaceChem (Zachtronics) ‘s soundtrack – Some Elements in particular is brilliantly exuberant, and I could probably come up with a bunch more flowery words to describe it, but that’s not the point. The point is it has a really cool piano bit, and for years I’ve idly considered learning it, and today I sat down and transcribed it. (Couldn’t find the sheet music in a google or two.) Now this is sorta half-baked – I haven’t transcribed the string parts, or even the rhythm, and haven’t bothered with proper musical notation. I knew the rhythm from listening to the song, it was mostly the pitches I wanted, so that’s what I got. I believe this to be correct – but of course I might be wrong. (Edit: and upon further listening, I think there are a bunch of interleaved lower notes I missed, like the one (G0) I noticed. They’re hard to pick out from the rest of the instruments.) God speed.

Context – …F0,G0,A1,B1…
A1 = A above middle C

Intro bit

X = A1 E A2 E A A3 A2 E A G E1 A3
Y = A1 E A2 E A A3 E1 E2 A G E1 A3

[X Y Y Y] 5 times
X seems a little inconsistent; sometimes is Y? Eh

Flourishy bit, part 1
A0 E0 A1 A2 D E D C# A B C# D C# A B A G1 F# G F# E D C# D C# B A A B A C# D C# A

Flourishy bit, part 2
A0 E0 E2 D C# A B C# A B A G1 A2 G1 F# E A2 E1 F# G (G0) D1
F# E F# E F# D C# A C# D C# B C# A B D C# A B D C# A B C# A A B
D C# B A A B C# A B C#

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