LibreOffice Reflection

No, I don’t know how to do LibreOffice Basic reflection. I’m kinda ticked about it. Spent ages trying to find how to get the area of a selection (y’know, the entirety of what a selection is?), found a ton of splintered documents and couldn’t tell whether they were even applicable (and they were largely unhelpful even if applicable). Then tried to figure out how to dynamically retrieve an objects methods, like most languages let you do. Found more splintered documents that coyly suggested it was possible, but found no details. (Something something “introspection”.)

TL;DR – Eventually realized I could just set a breakpoint in the macro editor, hit run, add a watch for the variable I wanted to inspect, and leaf through the methods. They’re not even alphabetized, though, so be prepared to sift through a lot.

Gah. This was dumb.

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