I’ve vaguely considered starting a blog for rather a while, now.  It took me three days to settle on a name [1], the past two hours fiddling with themes, and it’s 2:40 AM and I can’t go to bed without making a post, so I’m going to type words into the keyboard until a blog post occurs.

Much of the motivation for this blog comes from my forays into 3d printing – I’m intent on expanding the range of what the average human can do with a basic 3d printer, and so I will need a place to put logs, explanations, instructions, etc. More on this later, assuming I don’t abandon the site after a single post.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I intend to put up here, though; like musings on Lojban, or the fact that you can cook an onion in the microwave in 5 min, or how to get rid of heartburn in 10 seconds with no supplies.

That will (hopefully) come later, though. For now, it’s probably time for me to go to bed.

-Erhannis [2]

[1] There’s a quote I remember reading once, but haven’t been able to find again. AFAIR, it was one biologist to another, declaring “Ours shall be the power of names.” I’ve mentioned this to a coworker of mine, particularly when we finish a half-hour discussion of what a given Java class should be called. Names can be important; they help shape what the thing does.

[2] A pen name. Erhannis Kirran. [3] Not like I make a great secret of my real name, but a pen name seems like what one does.

[3] air-HAHN-iss KEE-run . I picked it as a username probably 15+ years ago [4], and I’m not changing it now.

[4] Well, the last name came later.

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